Car Care Auto Sales - Paid Settlement and will not release title

Kearney, Missouri 0 comments
Not resolved

Santander offered me a settlement on my vehicle. I complied with the settlement amount and sent the check within the dates that were discussed.

However Santander, 45 days later, still has not sent my title. As proof I kept the settlement letter but they are suggesting I still owe a balance. Like many others have complained I am getting no response or customer service.

Seeing as how they do not have phones and email higher management I asked to be copied on the email as proof they sent it. Of course my request was denied!!!

Do not work with this company ever!!!

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Car care auto sales sold me a bad saftied vehicle without airbags and leaky windows

Toronto, Ontario 0 comments

i bought a vehicle from car care auto sales in kitchener ontario springvalley rd.first off the price wasn jacked up when deal was about to go through.

the vehicle had been in a very bad accident and both airbags had not been replaced. all windows leak and the work done under the vehicle was done very poorly with missing parts.

i cannot resell the vehicle and had investigators come to my home questioning were i had bought this vehicle and asked if I'd let them take it in for further investigation!!i also know other that had safety problems and bad work done at car care , do not use this very poor company for anything

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Car Care Auto Sales - Took out my car from his shop and picked up a ***

Chicago, Illinois 3 comments

Car Care Auto 5103 South Archer Avenue in Chicago.My car was towed in to this shop for repair of a starter.

When I went to pay my bill I was informed that the owner was in jail. As it happened , he had taken out my car in the wee hours of the morning of August 19, 2009 picked up a *** who turned out to be a man and when he took the *** back to his shop he got out to open the gate and the hooker jumped in the driver seat of my vehicle and took off subsequently wrecking it and it is totaled. he refuses toi take responsibility and says he doesnt speak much English even tho he discussed entire repair with me on the phone on August 13,2009. Then he said my car was abandoned in his shop parking lot.

Then he said if I kept it quiet about the hooker he would get it out of the pound and repair it. There is 4500.00 plus damage to the car and its a 2001 sebring convertible. This guy is a louse, a *** and a pathological liar.

He should not be in operation and tomorrow I am meeting with the Alderman to see about getting him prosecuted.Avoid this place at all costs.

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Im sorry...but thank you for that laugh...I needed it.that was so freaking funny as not to be real but Im sure it is and I feel for you hun.


So I guess this means you aren't staying quiet about the hooker.... 8)


this story got more and more interesting as I read it .First this *** picks up a *** in your car then it turns out to be a man and I am guessing the guy knew it was a man WHOA I dont think I would want the car back after that .!What a sick piece of ***.. Anyhow I would sue this *** for everything he has including all his future hopes and dreams then when I was done completely screwing up his life,In other words I would *** sure not keep this quiet and it sounds to me as if this *** is trying to bribe you Yeah prosecute ,prosecute ,prosecute ,I would make sure he could not even get a job scrubbing urinals and he can go live on the streets with all his hooker friends and sell his *** to make a buck ..Good luck with this and hope all turns out for ya ..

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